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East Gill Force, East Stonesdale, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales

Location/Access: 0.5 mile walk from Keld where the Coast to Coast and Pennine Way walks converge. Refreshments availble in the village.

Grid Ref: NY 896 012

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet OL30

Source: East Gill

Height: Approximately 15 feet


East Gill flows into the River Swale around 300 yards from the village of Keld, Swaledale. The Gill begins it's journey on the slopes of Rogan's Seat and flows south by the hamlet of East Stonesdale. At the point where the Penine Way and the Coast to Coast footpaths meet the gill plunges over East Gill Force in a series of two falls. The first, a spectacular 15 foot waterfall can be enjoyed from a well positioned seat whilst the latter is at the point where East Gill is absorbed into the River Swale and is best viewed from the other side of the River Swale.