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Swinner Gill, Keld, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales

Location/Access: 1 mile walk from Keld village along the River Swale. 2 mile walk alongside the River Swale from Muker.

Grid Ref: NY 909 006

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet OL30

Source: Swinner Gill

Height: Approximately 10 feet


The Swaledale mountains have a rich history in lead mining. Across the landscape, the slopes and valleys of the mountains are scarred with the ruined remains of mines and shafts. Swinner Gill near Keld was one particular location where mining had a huge impact on the landscape. Swinner Gill is a rugged remote area with steep climbs and it takes a lot of physical effort to explore. Water from the gill flows from it's sources on Rogan's Seat south towards the River Swale cutting through alternating formations of sandstone and limestone rock. As a result the landscape has created numerous waterfalls on the gill. These are raw waterfalls, there is little vegetation surrounding the falls, just the odd tree and grasses battling for survival in the harsh conditions.