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Cotter Force, Appersett, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales

Location/Access: Park in layby on A684 0.5 miles from Appersett heading towards Garsdale. Signposted footpath along Cotter Beck

Grid Ref: SD 848 919

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet OL30

Source: Cotter Beck

Height: Approximately 25 feet


At first glance Cotter Force is a lovely wide multi-stepped waterfall surrounded by woodland and in autumn, vibrant colourful leaves. The footpath leads you to a viewing point where you can sit and admire it's beauty. There is more to Cotter Force than meets the eye though and the more adventurous of us will continue on a path that leads to the top of the waterfall and later into Cotterdale, where the beck starts it's journey. At the top of the force, it is possible to see how Cotter Beck is forced through a very rugged narrow but deep gorge before it emerges from the vegetation below. The huge force of the water here is not evident down below. Beyond the force, Cotter Beck is littered with numerous small waterfalls as the beck heads towards the River Ure.