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Hardraw Force, Hardraw, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales

Location/Access: Entry is via the Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw (£2.00)

Grid Ref: SD 868 915

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet OL30

Source: Hardraw Beck

Height: Approximately 100 feet


Hardraw Force or Scaur as it is known locally, is the largest single drop waterfall in England standing at approximately 100 feet high. It was featured in the film Robin Hood. Water from springs on the slopes of Great Shunner Fell and Fossdale have navigated down the valley to Hardraw where the water has eroded the limestone rocks. Over time, the erosion has created both a spectacular waterfall and also a huge natural amphitheatre. In 1884, the way sound echoes in the amphitheatre was realised and the waterfall has been used as a location for an annual brass band competition.